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Pennywise (Hybrid)
TYPE: Hybrid
THC: 12% – 13%
CBD: 12% – 15%
GENETICS:Harlequin x Jack the Ripper

APPEARANCE: The Harlequin is a female marijuana clone, known for its high CBD level, its sweetness, its solid and coloured buds, as well as for its very effective medicinal properties.

SMELL: Pennywise has a sweet and peppery wood aroma with a hint of coffee, Earthy, Woody, Sweet.

BEST FOR TREATING: Pain, Stress, Depression, Inflammation, Insomnia

CREATED FEELINGS: Clear in the brain, the effect begins in the body with an immediate sensation of wellness. The analgesic and relaxing traits of the mother plant Harlequin, rich in CBD, are strongly notable and invigorating dynamism of Jack The Ripper converts the conjoint in an extraordinary effect for the whole day, with a real medicinal value.

DURATION: Around 1 to 2 hours

SIMILAR STRAINS: Harlequin x Jack Herrer x Durban Poison


Buy top shelf pennywise for sale

Pennywise (TGA Subcool)
Buy top shelf pennywise for sale

Pennywise (TGA Subcool)
Buy top shelf pennywise for sale

Pennywise (TGA Subcool)
Buy top shelf pennywise for sale

Pennywise (TGA Subcool)
Buy top shelf pennywise for sale Buy top shelf pennywise for sale Buy top shelf pennywise for sale Buy top shelf pennywise for sale
Indica-dominant (80%)
Smell & flavour

Buy top shelf pennywise for sale

Expect Plenty Of CBD From These Buds

This strain is extremely impressive because it develops between 12-15% of CBD and equal amounts of THC. It’s unusual to encounter a cannabis strain with this sought-after cannabinoid profile of around 1:1.

It’s an 80% indica and 20% sativa variety, ready to couch-lock its prey. If one wishes to experience a proper entourage effect, Pennywise should be strongly considered in one’s endeavors.

This plant derives from mixing Harlequin with Jack The Ripper.

Pennywise manifests in four different phenotypes. The buds can become either fingery or round, and their colors range between green and purple.

The purple ones look super cool. It takes Pennywise 60-67 days to finish flowering. The terpenes of this strain deliver coffee/peppery flavors mixed with lemon and bubblegum undertones.

Grow your own Pennywise

Grow difficulty
Flowering type
Flowering time
9 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor)
Yield (indoor)
Yield (outdoor)
Height (indoor)
Height (outdoor)

Lineage of Pennywise


Pennywise genetics are present in the following strains:

Breeder / Seed Bank(s)

Buy top shelf pennywise for sale

Buy top shelf pennywise for sale

Pennywise is a CBD-rich hybrid from California’s TGA Genetics. After years of research and development to create a strain high in CBD, TGA landed on a cross between a Harlequin female and a Jack the Ripper male. The result was Pennywise, averaging 12-15% CBD with equal ratios of THC. According to TGA co-founder Subcool, Pennywise began in 2007 when he worked with a rare Harlequin cut from breeder Chef Joel of Norstar Genetics, who holds the same Harlequin cutting today.

According to TGA, Pennywise has four main phenotypes — traits the earth pulls from the plant’s genetic code — exhibiting varying amounts of coffee, lemon and bubblegum flavors. All four are reported by the breeder to produce both the relaxing, therapeutic effects of Harlequin and the invigorating effects of Jack the Ripper. Per Subcool, the goal with Pennywise is a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio — with the most popular phenotype testing at 11% THC, 11% CBD.

TGA reports Pennywise has a short-to-medium growth, purple/green leaves and dense, medium-sized buds with a 56-63 day flowering period. Whether growing indoors or out, TGA recommends topping only once, as the stretch on most Pennywise phenotypes should be limited.

Today, TGA produces Pennywise seeds using a Jack the Ripper male that tests high in THC-V.

Buy top shelf pennywise for sale:

Pennywise is a high-CBD indica cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper, a combination that lends this strain its killer clown name.

Four phenotypes of this Stephen King-inspired strain exist, some of which have fingerlike buds while others appear more round.

Notes of coffee and pepper lift from the purple-fringed flowers with undertones of lemon and bubblegum. Rich in the therapeutic compound CBD, Pennywise is especially effective in treating arthritis, PTSD, epilepsy, neurological disorders, and cancer symptoms.

It contains a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, so the psychoactive effects are milder and more relaxing. Jack the Ripper’s cerebrally focused effects are detectable in Pennywise’s genes as euphoria and mental clarity take over with an invigorating buzz.

Pennywise flowers in 60 to 67 days and is suitable for either indoor or outdoor gardens.

Cannabis Oil / Hash Oil (10 grams )

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