I was at the Venice Blvd the other Saturday with my boyfriend. Both of us indulged in a couple of joints before seeing all the animals. As we stood watching the grizzly bears play in the sun, I looked around at all the people enjoying themselves with their friends and families. I wondered to myself, who all here is high?
Have you ever looked up “what is a stoner?” on Google? The results are pretty entertaining. As someone who smokes every day (and has been for years), the “signs” of pointing out a stoner are a little stigmatic. Stoners are everywhere — we’re business people, parents, CEOs, artists, performers, teachers, bartenders. We have long days at the office. We enjoy ourselves with our friends and families at the zoo. In today’s world, “stoners” are all around us, and that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, a cannabis-infused lifestyle is still taboo.
It’s time to debunk those “stoner signs.”